Terms and Conditions for Participation/Booking of Event Space

Here are the terms and conditions for our event spaces. Please read them carefully when making your booking as it is binding. After you have submitted your booking to us, we will review it and come back with any questions. Once we have considered the overall situation and your booking is approved, you will receive a booking confirmation.

The number of spaces is limited, so applications are processed continuously and in order. Evaluation is based on factors such as the composition and overall experience of the event, the purpose of your participation, and the exclusivity of sponsors.

In the logged-in mode, you will then be able to book the rental of tents, tables, chairs, and more. So, please save your user details and your password and make sure your information is accurate. During the spring, we will send out some information on a few occasions, including details and registration for visibility in the Vätternrundan event guide. But you can also log in at any time to check for updates or contact us at massa@vatternrundan.se for more information.