Children's area

In Stadsparken, there will be a children's area that we want to fill with fun physical activities to ensure that the children accompanying participants from the region and cyclists have a great time while they are with us and get inspired to be active. Are you a company or organization working with public health and physical activities for children? Then you are welcome to contact us. In addition to creating a good mix of cycling and other physical activities, there will be a weather shelter where families with children, participants, and other visitors can seek shelter from rain and sun.

Important to know: The area is on grass in Stadsparken, and there is a prohibition on vehicles, so the spaces are primarily for tents, but there are a few spaces on asphalt. Therefore, it is essential to include an image of your event setup with information about dimensions and other needs when making your reservation. Rental of tents, flooring, exhibition mats, etc., can be arranged through us after booking. As an event participant, you commit to being open from Friday to Sunday and Thursday to Saturday according to the official opening hours to make the area feel open and accessible and attract more new visitors. Parking for storage vehicles is available outside the event area's barriers, so be sure to arrive early. A tip is also to bring a handcart to easily transport items between your parking/storage and the event area, as well as to dispose of waste during the day in the event area's waste disposal stations.

What's included: Offered on a case-by-case basis. Opportunity for visibility in the event guide with, for example, an offer. Deadline is April 15. Launches in May and is promoted by Vätternrundan before and during the event.

Price Range: 800-1200 SEK/square meter depending on location.

If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us!