Forum Vätternrundan 2023

Forum Vätternrundan, 9-17 June – a meeting place for B2C & B2B

The classic Vätternrundan is taking place in June every year. Participants from around the globe are taking on the challenge of this one of a kind and unique event. Motala, is since the beginning of 1966 the host city of this event, and every year approximately 36 000 cyclists will attend the events and about 70 000 visitors will come to visit Motala.

The center of this bike event is the expo area and it is located between the start and the finish area. This is where the participants pick up their bibs, check their equipment, eat, serve their bikes and meet the many exhibitors of the Forum Vätternrundan.
In the expo area there is also lots of activities for families, activities that booth appeals to kids, adults, cyclists and visitors, booth during the daytime and in the evening.

As an exhibitor you will be a very important part of this whole experience when the Swedish city Motala transforms into a mecka for cyclists from all over the world.