Forum Vätternrundan 2023

Forum Vätternrundan, 9-17 June – a meeting place for B2C & B2B

Do you want to join in and create a folk festival together with us at Vätternrundan and at the same time help improve people’s health? This year we are looking for those of you that represent exciting cycling brands; old or new. We are also looking for unique crafts, gifts and souvenir products, confectionary, food, coffee and other drinks aswell as health and lifestyle. If you want to reach out with exciting concepts, book releases or other happenings, you are welcome to contact us.

During one week in June, spread over two weekends (June 9 – 12 and June 15 – 17) you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. The first weekend´s participants and audience will have a more local and regional character while the second weekend will have a more national and international flavour. Read more here about the different cycling events.

With Vätternrundan’s annual media coverage of approximately 2 000 000 contact surfaces and
23 – 36,000 dedicated participants, you are provided with an excellent opportunity for exposure. For those of you who wish to strengthen your presence and work more long-term, we can also offer excellent advertising opportunities in both Vätternrundan’s and’s channels.

As an exhibitor you will be a very important part of whole experience when the Swedish city Motala transforms into a mecka for cyclists from all over the world. Welcome with your booking!